Many times The Conquerors hold events hosted by a group of churches in a community or a ministerial association. With a neutral venue of an auditorium, gymnasium or civic center, your city can be impacted for Christ.

Transforming Communities With the Gospel


The Conquerors International Strength Team uses feats of strength in a high-energy presentation to reach audiences of all ages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


At a Conquerors Community Outreach Event 


Your church will be packed with people from your community
People will come to know Jesus Christ as Savior
Your church will receive new disciples and members ready to begin their journey with the Lord
Fuel Passion For Outreach
A Conqueror’s Community Outreach Event will ignite a passion for outreach among your congregation!

“How can I effectively reach my community?” This is the question that thousands of pastors ask themselves every day. The good news is that you can reach your city and have your church as the point of impact in your area. When you utilize The Conquerors, you are holding a Community Outreach Event that is proven to reach the masses


Ministry of Excellence


The Conquerors International Strength Team –

Consists of licensed and ordained ministers of the Gospel
Is a non-denominational, para-church ministry with accountability and covering from Resurrection Life Church International, headquartered in Grandville, Michigan.
Is dedicated to bringing the uncompromised Gospel of Jesus Christ in a relevant and dynamic way.
Is a drug-free ministry with a zero-tolerance policy toward any performance-enhancing drug.
Proven Track Record
The Conquerors have worked with schools and churches of every denomination and background and have numerous recommendations from Pastors and administrators.


Team-Oriented Ministry

The Conquerors are partnered with other world class ministries that enable us to effectively reach every area of a community.


Partners include:

Book of Hope USA
Book of Hope International
Prison Fellowship
Budget Friendly Outreach Program


The Conquerors do NOT charge a fee to conduct a Community Outreach Event
Reaching people, instead of reaching budgets, is the primary focus
The only request is that churches cover travel, lodging, food and materials for the team. Love Offerings or any other means of compensation are not required.



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