Information for Schools

The Conquerors have powerful motivational school assemblies that are sure to engage, encourage and empower your students.

Now more than ever our youth are bombarded with overwhelming social pressures. Our rapidly changing culture can be very confusing and will leave many youths frustrated and struggling just to keep up. This generation is constantly in a grind against bullying, self-image issues, academic pressure, peer pressure, depression, self-harm and much more. Sadly, due to an unending stream of social media outlets, there is little escape from these pressures and many youths feel hopeless, inadequate and alone.

The Conquerors have been motivating students with our school assemblies for nearly 30 years. We use world class demonstrations of strength (bending steel / snapping baseball bats in half) to engage the students and then deliver a motivational message that is tailored specifically for the school we are at. We have spoken on several topics, and we always work with the administration to ensure the message is relevant and impactful for their students. Our assemblies are fun, interactive, inspiring, and empowering. We also have a DJ that keeps the atmosphere upbeat and high energy.

We would love the opportunity to partner with you to encourage your students!!


Please call or send us an email to get the process started.